Ultimate Cobra 2000GTL

With/Without Speaker

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The most popular CB radio ever made. This unit has the Ultimate expansion system installed. Continuous tuning with a rotary encoder in place of the channel selector. Has 40 memory channels and a programmable scan feature.

Our Ultimate system turns this CB radio into a fantastic piece of gear. Total range is 95 5 kHz channels below 1 and 200 5 kHz channels above 1. You system will have the capabilities of scanning this full range and you can program the memory to make quick use of 40 frequencies.

This unit is ready to go go go ..........................$375.00 $400 with Speaker


QuicFix 4.0

CB Repair Program

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The only CB Radio repair program on this planet!.

Modern and
Vintage Radios.
Complete Data



Repair Manuals

All about your radio

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These are copies of original Owner's and Service Manuals

Excellent Copies
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